Oh, the plateau

31 Aug

I am hitting a serious plateau in weight loss. Going on three weeks and lost almost nothing.  So…do I care? Is it upsetting? Am I discouraged? Do I want to quit? Am I ready to eat cake?

Quite the contrary.  I feel INCREDIBLE. I just got home from a 3.5 mile walk where I was able to throw in a little jogging. I am currently battling shin splints, so I ran as much as I could tolerate, walked, then stretched, then ran again. Compared to my time and miles lately, I was moving super slow.  So what!  I got out there and had a great time. Yesterday I was boxing and totally kicking butt for my workout.  Hell yeah!

As I walked up my driveway, a neighbor of mine drove by and stopped to say hello. She said she had to stop to tell me how great I look…ask what I was doing…said I really look good.  (go ahead, roll your eyes. I did.) She is the second person today to tell me how good I look.

Compliments make me feel good, but also make me feel self conscious. I am not good with accepting compliments and always seem to have a “yeah, but I’m also…” to discount it. Now, I am owning them so I started just saying thank you. These compliments remind me that this current plateau is only one piece of data at one point in time. My neighbor can see the big picture, she sees the progress I’m making. I feel the progress I am making and am super pleased.  Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am not expecting to see much change on the scale. So what! This girl is having way to much fun this week to let a little number ruin my fun.

Watch out world…here I come!


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