My own little Schaumburg Shuffle

7 Sep

In the beginning of the summer I saw a post card for the Schaumburg Shuffle. It is a 5k race on Labor Day with the special hook of running the parade route. I serious thought about it as a short term goal, but was not quite sold. As the over-achiever perfectionist, I only wanted to do it if I could run the whole thing… must get the “A”…  So I tucked the postcard in my back pocket and started to enjoy the summer.

Bam! It was Labor Day weekend. I was nowhere near ready for the race. A month of battling shin splints had me on a break from running. I looked at the race times from last year and those people were well under what I did at my first 5k. There was no way I could compete. The feeling of failure loomed….I missed a goal….a big disappointment for this overachiever..gggrrrrr

This weekend, for some reason, my shin splints were suddenly on their way out. I decided to give running a try…I missed it too much. Saturday was the first run in a long time and it was a little slow and painful. Sunday morning was just a quick 30 minute run to say I did something. Monday was here…what would I do about the race? Well, this goal was about me, so I decided to do my own race. I have nothing to prove to anyone here. No official time, no pressure, no comparison. This is about me and what I want for my life. Its about the changes I am making and the success I am enjoying. Its about me loving to run because I “get to” run, not because I “have to” run.

I live close to the Septemberfest parade route so my usual running route was already cluttered with empty chairs, blankets and some people. I set my sights on a new neighborhood. Put my music on, grabbed a bottle of water and I was out the door.  I ran 3.5 miles and it was BRILLIANT!  That’s not the usual way to describe exercise…why brilliant?


The sun was out, the weather was perfect. It was just me and road. I found a way to meet my goal even though I wasn’t doing it as originally planned. The shin splints were gone. I was listening to my bad ass Pandora station of Disturbed, Rage Against the Machine, and Avenge Sevenfold. I was rockin’ my hot running shoes. I was doing something I love…something I had worked all summer for…something that once felt so far away. Absolutely, frickin’ brilliant…and all before 9:00 am.



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