Damn it feels good to be a gangster

11 Sep

Even as I write that title, I have to giggle. “Gangster” is not the usual way I would describe myself. But today…man, I gotta tell you, it feels good to be a gangster (or is it gangsta???).

As I was recovering from shin splints, I happened to pull a muscle in my back. Ouch. I wasn’t very worried because I have been far worse off when it comes to injury. A few days and I’d be back in action…no problem.  So I was slow to stand, walked funny, and occasionally gritted my teeth from the pain. Whatever.  What bothered me was being behind on working out. Here I was, just back in to running and the stupid muscle in my back says “oh, no…not yet Miss Anne”. ggrrrrrr

Well if you know me at all, you know I can be stubborn, and in this situation I was no different. When my friends and family advised “take it easy” I responded with “I don’t like to be reminded of my limitations”. Yep, I’m that girl. I will do it my way, when I want and how I want…especially because this is my goal.

I wanted to run so badly Sunday morning. Instead, I winced as I had to stand up and sit down through a Catholic mass. This was not part of my plan. I was super frustrated. Since I am now used to the active life, I really, really missed it.  I missed it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. Yes, that much…. 35 o’s worth. This feeling completely took me by surprise. I never thought I would miss working out, especially since there are days when I would resent the entire workout. Now it is a part of my life that I truly enjoy and I don’t want to give it up.

Well, all that to say that today I finally had a real workout. I felt a little pinch for some of what I was doing so I had to adjust. The heart rate was in the 150’s and man, did it feel good to sweat. I probably have a few more days before I will be back to 100%, and yes, I will take it slow. Until then, I am grateful for the workout today. I am grateful for the progress I have made. I am grateful for the fact that I have stuck it out this long. And even more, I am “great-full” because of all my family and friends who support and encourage me in all of this.

This is one area of my life where I have truly worked to do something different, and I am certainly getting something different. It feels INCREDIBLE. I can’t even tell you how worth every drop of sweat has been…every stupid burpie, every squat or kick (I’m not going to say kettle ball swings are worth it yet). I am in a good place right now with the work outs….killin’ it in the gym 6 days a week….damn it feels good to be a gangster.


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