Moving on or moving forward?

12 Sep

Today is the 11th anniversary of one of the worst days in American history. I remember where I was and what I felt when I heard the news. I remember going to class and being totally distracted. I remember the appearance of American flags all over town. Today, I remember and I will never forget.

As I was getting dressed this morning I was listening to the radio. The regular morning dj’s were interviewing a national news person and were asking about how the media will cover the events of 11 years ago.  The national news person said something that really caught my attention. She said “it is not that we are moving on, it is that we are moving forward”. She went on to explain how this allows us to remember but not be held captive by the past; to celebrate the lives of the ones that were lost and honor their memory; to live life the way they would want us to in their absence. I think this is the perfect sentiment for today.

Moving forward is also a great way to describe how to change your thinking. For so long I have held on to my past with white knuckles…there was no way I was letting go of any of it. If I let go of the bad, would I also let go of the good? What if I didn’t remember the good things? What if there were no good things to remember? Why was I holding on to all the negative stuff?  It just gave me heart ache and got me no where. From the “she said…” to the “well, he didn’t…” to the “i never…” to the “what if, just once…” All these thoughts held me captive for so long. I want something different, so I have to do something different. I started letting go. I started forgiving. I changed what I believed to be true about myself. I am moving forward. Believe me, of all the change that has been happening in my life, this is one of the hardest things to date….changing the way I view my past. (I would rather eat broccoli every day…blech!)

There is a quote from a book I was reading recently that says it perfectly: “It’s time to let your bags off the bus. Let go of the past. Stop being disappointed about where you are and start being optimistic about where you are going. Focus on the future. Move beyond yourself. What we need the most we resist the most.” (Jon Gordon, “The No Complaining Rule“)

Do something different. Forgive. Let go of the past. Focus on the future. Move forward. You deserve it.


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