A time to celebrate

15 Oct

This weekend I celebrated my 35th birthday, and while I dread being firmly locked in the mid-thirties, this is a year to celebrate. In years past, my birthday always felt like just another day…nothing too exciting. Everything past 25 was just aging.  So this weekend I did it up right… shopping, working out, dinner and drinks, naps, another dinner and gluten free cupcakes…yum!

Those are some of the silly things I did to celebrate, but there are deeper reasons from this weekend that give me a reason to celebrate or are a reminder of why I celebrate. The most notable from this weekend are:

  • Time with family and friends. Birthdays are best celebrated with those you love.
  • The time I spent walking around the track at the gym. A year ago working out was far from my mind. Now I make it a priority. Today I was able to do a 15 minute mile walking and I can average a 12 minute mile running. Incredible progress from 6 months ago!
  • The clothes I wore this weekend. For the first time in a long I am shopping on the misses side of the store and looking fabulous!
  • “35 by 35” is complete! Looking at where I was in the middle of July and where I am now, this goal accomplished.
  • The rain. Whenever I miss my mom I look to the sky and often get a sign that she is thinking of me…a sunset, a bird, a star. Today it poured all day…a reminder of how incredibly much she loved me.
  • Boxing for my Friday night workout. My favorite work out ever…sit ups and all!
  • Stories of others making change. From the email messages to catching up to daily check-ins…your story motivates me and your success is part of why I celebrate this weekend.

As I write this I realize the celebration does not end with the weekend. There are so many more exciting milestones on the way and the party will continue for moths and years to come. So today might be the day to celebrate my birthday, but it is just the beginning of the party.


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