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How much does that cost?

8 Nov

This morning started like most others; a trip down to the cafeteria for a 3 egg white omelet with spinach and mushroom. As I was waiting for my order, the next person in line asked for a regular omelet (2 whole eggs) with peppers, onions and cheddar with two sausage patties on the side. My first thought was “that’s a pretty expensive meal”. Whole eggs are 100 calories each, a quarter cup of cheddar cheese is 114 calories, and 1 sausage patty is about 160 calories. The grand total of my meal was 83 calories. The other was 634.


What struck me first is that I was able to calculate each meal in my head. When did that happen? I certainly didn’t start out here, thinking about calorie counts. I used to just order what I wanted. Sometimes my breakfast was a bagel with cream cheese. Fridays used to be for French toast. Bad days’ breakfast consisted of doughnuts, biscuits and gravy, or other crap food. Now that I log my food every day in Loseit!, I learned what different foods “cost”. For example, the added protein in Greek yogurt as compared to regular yogurt makes it a satisfying treat, well worth the “price” of 140 calories.


What hit me next was how I thought about modifying that meal to make it less calories but still get the flavor of the original order. A few options to lower its calories would be to get 1 egg/1 egg white, only 1 sausage patty, or a lower calorie cheese. When did I learn to do that? Again, it happened as I recorded every piece of food that crossed my lips.


When I started this weight loss thing, I had more calories than I knew what to do with. It was easy for me to eat well within my daily calorie goal. In fact, I often had a few hundred calories to go at the end of the day…even more if I was exercising. Now my daily calorie intake goal has dropped and that red line on Loseit! moved. I have to be much more mindful of what I am eating to make sure I am below the line.


Every meal counts. Every snack counts. When I am mindful of what I eat and spread my calories evenly throughout the day, I make progress. When I make choose high calorie options, have 700 calorie meals, or eat mindlessly throughout the day, I make no progress.


Bottom line, if you want something different you need to do something different. That includes being mindful of your food choices. Every meal is the most important meal of the day. Think about your options. Is it worth it? Can you change up the ingredients to get close to what you want without eating a million calories? Instead of eating the whole bag, how about 1 serving? Instead of regular eggs, how about egg whites? Instead of the whole steak, how about a half? Instead of bread, how about a salad? Instead of candy, how about fruit? Instead of eating, how about a walk? It’s all about how you want to spend your calories for the day and knowing what it will get you. Do something different….and I promise it will get you something different.