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What does success look like?

9 Dec

These red boots…

red boots

How so?  Way back in June when I started this weight loss journey I sat down and thought about what I wanted out of all of this. I had a short term goal to “survive Disney”. Here is what that meant to me:

short term goal

Then I thought about my long term goal, where I wanted to be in a year. This is what I wanted:

long term goal

What is totally crazy to me is that I have already accomplished the long term list….well, almost…super close to the size 14 (technically I fit in Old Navy size 14 jeans so I’m calling it a win and if you get really technical I couldn’t walk 13 miles tomorrow but I have no doubt I could do it if I had a few weeks to build miles).

Lots of people have asked me what’s your goal weight?  I never had one…I had a goal life. Weight is one piece of data at one point in time. What you are able to do at that weight is the meaningful story. The lists above tell my meaningful story…all the things I wanted to be able to do and weight was one piece of the bigger picture.

So now I am trying to figure out what will go on my new list…what success looks like and feels like in the future.  I have no idea but I need to figure it out soon.  The lists I made kept me motivated because I knew what I was working towards.  When I asked myself “what do I want more” it was clear in my mind what I was choosing between.

To get something different I need to do something different…even when that means imagining a whole new different for myself.



3 Dec

I am not a fan of Mondays. I have to wake up on time and actually get dressed and out the door. Once I get to work, I actually have to do stuff like show up to meetings and do my work. And there is no nap… After working all day, Denver expects me to go outside and play fetch, even if it is dark and cold. It’s a horrible, horrible day if you ask me.


Okay, so I’m being a little dramatic. Surprising, I know, for me to be so dramatic. Truth is Monday has a redeeming quality to it. It is the start of a new week. There is a clean slate. No sins to erase, no poor choices to wish away. Monday mornings bring hope for a successful week ahead. There is no “I should have…” and “wish I didn’t…” and “if only I…”. Monday mornings start with an “A+”. It is up to me keep the grade high by selecting foods that put me closer to my goal.


I have been having too many “C” eating days lately. Last week I really learned my lesson. After eating 2 pieces of deep dish pizza, I spent the afternoon feeling sick. I then had the pleasure of going for my usual workout with a heavy focus on legs. Oh, the joy of doing split squats holding 20 pound weights while burping up pizza and acid. Yeah, I’m not doing that again. I’m especially not going to do it because the scale went up this week. And while not fatal, I’m not happy about it either. I can do better, I have done better, and I am worth better.


Here’s the kicker…you don’t have to actually wait until Monday to start over. Your “Monday moment” could happen right after you ate the basket of Village Tavern chicken fingers and fries (or whatever poor food choice you are making). If I have learned one thing over the last 6 months it is that weight loss is more about what you eat than anything else. I know, I’m not happy about it either but it’s true. I can look at my food journal and compare it to the weight loss log and there is a direct relationship between calories consumed/food choices and amount of weight lost.


To get something different, I need to do something different. That starts now with a “Monday moment”.