You can’t out exercise a bad diet

3 Jan

As much as I try to prove otherwise, you just can’t out exercise a bad diet.

I have seen the evidence time and time again but just this time…maybe if I cross both of my fingers and my toes…it won’t matter that I ate like crap all week. Somehow all the swimming and running I am doing will just automatically overcompensate for all the poor food choices I made. With fingers crossed I get on the scale and am somehow surprised…all my poor choices did not add up to success….huh. how did that happen?

Here is how it happened. I didn’t feel like grocery shopping so I would have good choices available. I didn’t plan my meals out to spread my calories throughout the day. I snacked on the holiday treats that people brought in to work. I let the stress of the holidays get the best of me. I said “just for today I can…” a few too many times. I didn’t track my calories accurately because “any swimming will make up for it.” In effect, I went back in time.

To get something different, I need to do something different….with emphasis on the “do”. The pounds don’t just come off. It takes work…a lot of work. And the real work is not the hour I spend at the gym. The real work is writing out a grocery list, passing up the pretzels in the snack aisle, planning ahead and having good snacks at work. It’s balancing my calories throughout the day. It’s diversifying my greens (eating lettuce and broccoli and spinach). It’s asking “what do you want more” and making the right choice. It is remembering why I started when I want to quit. It is making it through a training session without complaining (telling my trainer “I hate you” is always allowed….he knows I don’t really mean it). It is all the stuff I have been slacking on….but wishing for the number on the scale to magically move. Weight loss is not about magic…it’s about choices. There’s no more wishing and crossing my fingers. Now is the time to figure out my next goal, get focused, and get to work. Wish me luck!


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