Simple things to get started

17 Jan

I was sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch with Renee and Jill, two very active and healthy friends of mine. It was sometime in April or May and I was talking about my upcoming trip to Disney in July. I was worried about whether or not I could handle the heat and the walking. At that point, making it through a low impact aerobics DVD was a stretch. I wasn’t ready to go to a gym yet because… Walking made me sweat and… And if I have to take care of Denver after work that means…


Renee made the most simple and brilliant suggestion. She said I should go buy a new pair of running shoes and a cute workout shirt and only wear them when I’m walking. That way wanting to wear the new shoes will give me incentive to workout. I did and it worked.


There’s nothing like the feel of a brand new pair of running shoes. I used this little trick as an incentive for the rest of the year. I bought new shoes every 20 pounds. Did I need them that often? No, but it kept me going. I would buy the new pair when I was down 17 or 18 and I would put them next to my TV. Every night as I watched TV I looked at the shoes and knew I was so close to getting to wear them it kept my butt out of the kitchen and away from mindless snacking.


Over the last month I have been slacking on writing down my food in a journal. The darn thing is somewhere in my house and I’m not really motivated to find it. You know what will motivate me? A new day planner. Sounds silly, I know. I have always loved back to school shopping and doing stuff to get organized and tracking details and the like. So what is going to motivate me to write me food down?  Getting to use my new pretty planner. Is it the ugly, boring workout journal my trainer gave me? No. Does it still accomplish what I need it to? Yes.


Maybe this makes me a princess…maybe a dork. I don’t know and I don’t care. This is about me and what I want, not what other people think of me. So I like to buy and use nice things. So what? I’m using it as an incentive to make and keep these new habits stick. It works for me.


What will work for you?  What is the simple suggestion to get you started and keep you going? I am sure there is something out there that will. To get something different you need to do something different. Where can you start?


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