“I’d do anything to be that size”

21 Jan

One of the absolute stupidest things I ever heard a fat person say was “I would do anything to be that size” as they saw a skinny person walk by. Really? Would you really? I mean, really? I have been there. I remember wishing on many occasions, “man I’d almost anything to be able to fit in to a size 10.”  REALLY?


This is where we go to dream land and think about all the big sacrifices or crazy things we would do to be that smaller size. We see ourselves robbing a bank, going on a spy mission, stealing, cutting off a finger, giving away our first born. Maybe these are too extreme. Maybe dream land is more like we would hold our breath and promise to be more grateful every day for our new life. We promise to spend more time with family or to give back to the community “if only” and that “one day” we could be the ideal size. We hang our hat on the “one day someone will come rescue me from here” and all will be better with the snap of a finger and until then I’m just powerless.


Because this big weight loss thing is soooo out of my reach. Man…I’d do anything to be that size….sigh…


Really?  Anything? Think about it. Think about where you are right now and what you are doing. Think about your daily schedule. What 1 thing in your day would you sacrifice to be at a healthier weight? If you are not ready to sacrifice 1 thing, no matter how small it may be, you are not ready to “do anything to be that size”.


Will you change the way you spend your time? Would you drink more water? Would you cut out mindless eating? Would you get off your butt more? Would you plan out your meals in advance? Would you have healthy snacks on hand? Would you choose to eat less sugary foods? Would you write down all the food you eat all of the time? Would you fill half your plate with vegetables at every meal? What about eating one less serving of crap food a day?


Gosh Anne…all of those things sound so hard…and some of them I don’t WANT to do…what kind of life would that be anyway? I mean, how do you live without bread?  Okay, that’s fine. But you are willing to “anything” to lose weight, right? So what does “anything” mean then? Don’t start focusing on a huge shift in your life. Start by picking 1 thing and do it. What is one habit you want to pick up? What is one thing you can do to be more mindful of what you are eating? What is one way you can incorporate more exercise in to your day?  Start small and build…it all adds up. This is not a race. You are not in a competition. Give yourself time to make the transition.


To get something different you need to do something different. Pick your one “anything” and get to work.




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