Want it like nothin’ else

26 Feb

So I have this goal to run a half marathon this year but can’t seem to make it past running more than 1 mile at a time. I’m on the treadmill so I know exactly how far I have gone in what time. The pace is good for me, my heart rate is in the right zone. Every time I come to a mile suddenly I am dying of thirst or have to walk a bit. I just couldn’t do it.

Last week I decided I needed to break past this barrier. It was gonna happen Sunday. I planned to meet someone at the gym to make sure that I had someone to stand there and make sure I passed a mile straight. I thought about it all week. Okay, maybe I could do this.

After a fun Saturday night, I woke up Sunday morning expecting to feel like hell but instead I felt great. Downed some water to combat the dehydration. Then I got a text…my workout partner bailed. I went to the gym anyway. It was supposed to be the day I ran more than a mile straight. Looking back, they really did me a favor by not showing. I needed to want it, do it, fight for it, believe it. This needed to come from me…for me.

25 minutes later and over a mile for sure, I slowed to a walk. It felt AMAZING. I did it!! It wasn’t until I really wanted it that I was able to do it. And just because I’m an overachiever, tonight I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill…straight. No breaks. No water. 12 min/mile pace the whole time. I think I told myself “fight for it” at least 50 million times. Honestly, I probably could have done this weeks ago but I was a big chicken.

Tonight was as a big a milestone as meeting a weight loss goal in this journey. Actually, this one is bigger.  The old me would discount the accomplishment…it was on a treadmill with no elevation, it was slower pace, it wasn’t outside so it didn’t really count. The new me owns every part of it and will brag all day tomorrow. I finally decided I wanted it like nothin’ else and it was mine.

The same goes with making any life change. It won’t really happen until you want it like nothin’ else. You are willing to do anything, give anything to make it happen. And you mean it. You make changes. You get used to being uncomfortable. You focus. You struggle. You fight. You succeed. Want it like nothin’ else….work for it like nothin’ else….and let me tell you it feels like nothin’ else.



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