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The results are in

28 Mar

The three week challenge has come to end and the results are in. Did I earn a workout with my hero?  Drum roll please………….. nope.

Truth is I totally punked out in week 3. It was a busy week to begin with, I went to a wake, there was a big meeting coming for work and I was seriously tired of eating clean. Throw in some boredom, laziness, judgement, and not feeling well and you have the perfect storm for failure. And so I did.  But here’s the deal…I didn’t see any part of the last 3 weeks as failure.  I kept track of my progress on the fridge, every day got a grade.  No F there….any day you show up you get  a passing grade. Give it your all, you get an A. Medium effort you get a B. Struggle a bit but make it through the day, it’s a C. Every day had some success.


There were some big things I learned and little things I was reminded of.  In no particular order, I present you with my latest life’s lessons:

  • There are good people in the world. Someone I barely know offers me a challenge and incentive to help me break through a plateau. She’s walked in my shoes and gets the struggle. I am super grateful for her help.
  • Write it down. No matter how much I hate it, there is something about writing down food choices and workouts. Keeping track of my progress on the fridge helped too.
  • No fear, no excuses. I stopped doubting what I can do. Everything Tony throws my way I will try it without second guessing. I still think he is on crack half the time but I just dive in and do it.
  • I can do anything for 10 weeks….or in this case 3 weeks, or 10 minutes or 7 breaths.  In the last 3 weeks I tried yoga. I am running at an 11 minute mile pace. I did TRX training. I survived my first POWER class at Hit It Fitness.
  • I get to choose. Every morning, every workout, every meal time, every weak moment. I get to choose how much I give. I get to choose what success looks like. I get to choose how hard I will work. I get to choose.
  • Motivation must come from within. As great as a workout with my hero will be, it was not enough to carry me through. At the end of the day, I have to want it for me. Period.
  • Growth happens in the last 10%. That’s part of a quote from a post ago and it is my new motto.
  • When you lose sight of progress, look at the big picture. Looking at the scale over the last 3 months, there has been little to no progress. At the same time, I am now a size 12!!!!!!  A year ago I never imagined this was possible:

March 2013

To get something different, you need to do something different. Step out of your box. Challenge yourself. Enjoy the ride. The results are priceless.


My happy place

13 Mar

There is something about being by water. I don’t know what it is exactly…kind of like a healing peace.

One of the secrets to my weight loss success is learning how to deal with stress in new ways. Whatever it was, the answer used to be “eat”. Now, I have a whole new bag of tricks to use to manage stress.

The first is a preventive measure: exercise. There is something wonderful about escaping for an hour every day…an hour that is all about me. I get to choose what I do, how hard I will work, and what music I will listen to. I get to set the goal…push myself through the last 10%…and feel proud of my success as small as it may be. If it is a really good day, there is a possibility to get a runner’s high or whatever you want to call it. Our bodies are made for movement and once you get moving it will thank you for the effort. What is it about getting regular exercise that just seems to make the whole world more manageable?

The second is in the moment: go to my happy place. It sounds silly, but somehow if I think about sitting by the ocean it helps to clear my head. I get real detailed with it…the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the awe of the ocean and everything in it…and I find a moment of peace. It gives me a minute to think “is this going to matter in 5 years” and refocus.

My last is probably the hardest: I ask for help. It’s hard to admit…because for this fiercely independent girl admitting struggle and defeat is not something I am not comfortable with. I’m all about bubbling about the exciting stuff and hiding the hard stuff. That’s changing. I think about what I need and who can help me…and I ask for it. I’m not very good with it just yet, but I’m getting better. So if you happen to be the victim of an odd request or an awkward moment…thanks in advance for helping me anyway.


Fight for it

7 Mar

“90% of growth comes from the last 10% of your performance. When the body says ‘enough’ – because that’s the limit it is used to – the mind must override this and push the body into new frontiers. That is the fundamental formula for results.”

This quote appeared in my Facebook feed today courtesy of Push Fitness. Talk about timely…


You know what is annoying? The harder you work, the harder you have to work to get results. I have now crossed in to “skinny people workouts” and I’m not happy. Let me describe half of today’s workout…all with a weighted vest that I’m guessing is about 30 to 40 pounds. Burpies, mountain climbers, plank, and jump squats tabata style…3 rounds…and did I mention the weighted vest? Then one more round without the vest just for kicks. The other half was equally as challenging and tiring. Who thinks of this crap? Freakin’ Tony that’s who…jerk.

I struggled, but I did it. The voices of doubt were LOUD today. There were probably 50 times I wanted to quit, and the workout is only 45 minutes. A few times I started chickening out and had to regroup. Quite a few times I had to tell myself to stop being a baby. Even more times I had to remind myself to quit complaining.

A bad ass doesn’t whine…fight for it…don’t be a baby…quit your bitchin’…just do it already…fight for it…you can do anything for 5 minutes…push…fight for it…

Mother heifer! Why does every workout have to be so hard?  Because I can do it. Because I made progress. Because I fought for every last pound. Because I deserve it. Because I feel AMAZING. Because I CAN do skinny people workouts now.

In a million years I never thought I would be here. Yes, I say that all the time but it is true. I just can’t get over it. I eat vegetables on a regular basis. I fit in to regular size clothes. I can do 40 situps without thinking. I can run an 11 minute mile. I make it through 45 minutes of kickboxing and want more. HOLY CRAP people! This blows my mind. Do I talk about it all the time? Yes. Do I get a little braggy with it? Probably. Do I care? Nope. To get something different, you have to do something different. For the first time in a long time I am pushing myself well beyond my limits and the results incredible. I earned every last pound lost, I fought my mind and body, and I’m owning it all the way!

Three week challenge

3 Mar

Yesterday morning I met a fellow Push Fitness client for coffee. Sioux is bad ass. I sometimes watch her workout while I workout and she is hard core and the stuff she does is amazing.  Every time I would see her doing something crazy I would say to Tony “she is so bad ass…I want to be there one day”.  A few weeks ago I was killing time in the waiting area at Push and was looking through the before and after pictures of some of the success stories and there she was. I couldn’t believe Sioux used to be a fatty like me. There was no way… my workout hero was fat?

I asked her before a workout if it was true and she said yes. I had to know more. This woman already walked where I am trying to go and she knows a part of the story that I can’t get from Tony. I asked her how she made the mental jump from being so big to so fit. Her advice at the time was to go shopping.  Keep trying on the right sized clothes until you believe that is your size. She joked about doing laundry and thinking she shrunk all her clothes when they actually all fit. That is so me!

Last week Sioux saw my before and current picture that Tony posted on the bulletin board and congratulated me on my progress. Then I told her she is my hero and I would like to hear more about how she lost the weight and kept it off. We ended up meeting for coffee yesterday and I learned a lot from her. Our stories are different but there are some strong similarities. She shared her secrets to making it through tough workouts, how friendships changed, how she started to thinking differently, and we even laughed about our trainers. I told her about my plateau… I am the size I was in high school and I don’t know what it is like to be smaller than this… and I’m afraid of what it will take to get there.

Sioux put out a challenge.  Three weeks of clean eating and giving 100% on my workouts all judged by Tony. If I make it then she will work out with me. Holy cow!  Workout with my hero.  Yes!  Three weeks of clean eating, writing it down, no complaining during workouts, giving it 100%, and no popcorn or pretzels. I told her I was a little nervous and she asked “of what, being successful?” Okay, when you put it that way, it does sound dumb. It’s on!