My happy place

13 Mar

There is something about being by water. I don’t know what it is exactly…kind of like a healing peace.

One of the secrets to my weight loss success is learning how to deal with stress in new ways. Whatever it was, the answer used to be “eat”. Now, I have a whole new bag of tricks to use to manage stress.

The first is a preventive measure: exercise. There is something wonderful about escaping for an hour every day…an hour that is all about me. I get to choose what I do, how hard I will work, and what music I will listen to. I get to set the goal…push myself through the last 10%…and feel proud of my success as small as it may be. If it is a really good day, there is a possibility to get a runner’s high or whatever you want to call it. Our bodies are made for movement and once you get moving it will thank you for the effort. What is it about getting regular exercise that just seems to make the whole world more manageable?

The second is in the moment: go to my happy place. It sounds silly, but somehow if I think about sitting by the ocean it helps to clear my head. I get real detailed with it…the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand, the awe of the ocean and everything in it…and I find a moment of peace. It gives me a minute to think “is this going to matter in 5 years” and refocus.

My last is probably the hardest: I ask for help. It’s hard to admit…because for this fiercely independent girl admitting struggle and defeat is not something I am not comfortable with. I’m all about bubbling about the exciting stuff and hiding the hard stuff. That’s changing. I think about what I need and who can help me…and I ask for it. I’m not very good with it just yet, but I’m getting better. So if you happen to be the victim of an odd request or an awkward moment…thanks in advance for helping me anyway.



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