The results are in

28 Mar

The three week challenge has come to end and the results are in. Did I earn a workout with my hero?  Drum roll please………….. nope.

Truth is I totally punked out in week 3. It was a busy week to begin with, I went to a wake, there was a big meeting coming for work and I was seriously tired of eating clean. Throw in some boredom, laziness, judgement, and not feeling well and you have the perfect storm for failure. And so I did.  But here’s the deal…I didn’t see any part of the last 3 weeks as failure.  I kept track of my progress on the fridge, every day got a grade.  No F there….any day you show up you get  a passing grade. Give it your all, you get an A. Medium effort you get a B. Struggle a bit but make it through the day, it’s a C. Every day had some success.


There were some big things I learned and little things I was reminded of.  In no particular order, I present you with my latest life’s lessons:

  • There are good people in the world. Someone I barely know offers me a challenge and incentive to help me break through a plateau. She’s walked in my shoes and gets the struggle. I am super grateful for her help.
  • Write it down. No matter how much I hate it, there is something about writing down food choices and workouts. Keeping track of my progress on the fridge helped too.
  • No fear, no excuses. I stopped doubting what I can do. Everything Tony throws my way I will try it without second guessing. I still think he is on crack half the time but I just dive in and do it.
  • I can do anything for 10 weeks….or in this case 3 weeks, or 10 minutes or 7 breaths.  In the last 3 weeks I tried yoga. I am running at an 11 minute mile pace. I did TRX training. I survived my first POWER class at Hit It Fitness.
  • I get to choose. Every morning, every workout, every meal time, every weak moment. I get to choose how much I give. I get to choose what success looks like. I get to choose how hard I will work. I get to choose.
  • Motivation must come from within. As great as a workout with my hero will be, it was not enough to carry me through. At the end of the day, I have to want it for me. Period.
  • Growth happens in the last 10%. That’s part of a quote from a post ago and it is my new motto.
  • When you lose sight of progress, look at the big picture. Looking at the scale over the last 3 months, there has been little to no progress. At the same time, I am now a size 12!!!!!!  A year ago I never imagined this was possible:

March 2013

To get something different, you need to do something different. Step out of your box. Challenge yourself. Enjoy the ride. The results are priceless.


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