3 Apr

Thursday night was my first run outside for the season and let me tell you it was brilliant. The air was crisp, the sun was still out and it felt SO GOOD to not be on a treadmill. I decided to take my usual route through the neighborhood. At the end of fall/early winter it would take me about an hour to finish the loop. It’s around 3 miles depending on which way I go.

I got to the park, ready to turn the corner….where way in the beginning my timer used to beep 1 minute and I thought about slowing to a walk.  That’s what I used to do… I decided to keep running.

I got to the end of the street where my timer used to beep at 3 minutes and I thought about walking. Do I really want to run a half marathon…I mean, am I really worth it? I decided to keep running.

Continued down the street, up a small hill and headed towards the little running path. There is a bridge coming over the creek…it always makes me nervous running down a sharp hill…maybe I should slow down. I decided to keep running.

Kept on charging past the two small ponds and then cutting through behind some houses. There was mud on the path so I did tip toe through that and went right back to a decent pace. Up another slow hill and then out on to Plum Grove Road. Okay, I’ve run most of this route and this princess deserves a break. I decided to keep running.

Got to the foot of the subtle but killer hill at Plum Grove and Wise. My heart rate was high and I couldn’t get a good breath. Okay, now was the time to walk. I gave myself until I rounded the corner and was back on flat ground. Plenty of recovery time and I decided to get back to running.

Continued up Wise Road and its progression of small hills… holy heart rate batman.  Time for another small break. Then back to running. Checked my watch and my pace had definitely slowed since I started the run…maybe I should just give up and walk home from here. I decided to keep running.

Ran past the stop sign, a few more streets and I knew I was close to 3 miles. Checked my watch… 3.1 miles in 38 minutes. HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!!! This route used to take me an hour. My first official 5K was 45-50 minutes. Do you have any idea how amazing this feels????

While I’m excited to share my new and improved running stats, there’s a bigger take home lesson here. At each step of the way I had to decide to keep going. When I got to where I was comfortable, I had to decide to keep going. When the course got tough, I had to decide to keep going. When I wanted to quit, I had to decide to keep going. This lesson has been a central theme over the last 10 months. I can do anything for 10 weeks… What do you want more… I can do anything for 5 minutes… Hold for just 5 breaths…  Growth happens in the last 10 percent… Fight for it…Choose the rewards.

However you want to say it, success is your decision. To get something different, you need to do something different. I hope you decide to keep going.


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