Anchor to the positive

9 Apr

There’s something I’ve wanted to blog about for a while, but have never quite felt sure I wanted to put my reaction to it out in the world in such a permanent way. I could write a whole post about each “hater” occasion… the friend who told me they liked the fat me better …the comments from the life long athletes who have NO IDEA of the courage it takes to face your biggest fear/weakness in front of someone who is perfect at it …the put downs on my excitement about working out… I expected it to some extent, and a part of me understands it, but most of the time when it hits it is surprising.

I started writing this post in my head this afternoon, detailing everything I have wanted to say over the last 9 months but didn’t. So you are going to start working out because “you don’t want to be fatter than Anne”?  Would love to hear how that is working out for you, especially now that I’m guessing we wear the same size clothes and it looks like I’m the only one on the way down.  (sorry I had to get at least one of my grumpy thoughts out there)

Then tonight I went to yoga and had a moment. Monday night class is all about stretching and relaxation. I am 2 weeks in to it and still have a long way to go, but I can already tell my posture is improving, my balance is better, and the meditation part keeps me centered. At the end of the class I was talking to the teacher and she was saying how crabby she was earlier and how much yoga helps her feel better. It hit me as I was walking out the door. The old me would anchor to the negativity that has been brewing in my head. I would take on everyone else’s junk and carry it around with me. I would worry about, punish myself for it, do what I can to make it better for the other person even if that meant putting myself down.

I don’t do that anymore. Now I choose to anchor to the positive.  It takes a conscious decision (and maybe some time to realize I need to flip the switch) but I do it. I focus on the people that fill me up. I’m not worried about how I compare to others. I am not going to apologize for making a positive life change and loving every minute of it.  And I’m certainly not going to pick up your baggage…got enough junk of my own to work through.

When you act out of positive intention, you are inviting goodness in to your life and are almost guaranteeing success. This has been a big shift in my thinking. I used to focus on what I was missing, what I was afraid of, what I couldn’t do, who didn’t like me….and quite frankly I was unhappy.  Now I anchor to the positive and have found peace. I can go to yoga and look at these women not with jealously of the stuff they can do, but with admiration and the knowledge that one day I can hold some of those crazy poses. I go to kick boxing class led by a seriously bad ass instructor and I don’t resent her but instead love the way she pushes the class to do better. I step up to the weight rack and remind myself “no fear”. All of the changes in my life have come because I opened myself up to the possibilities and quit listening to my insecurities.

To get something different, you need to do something different. Flip the switch and anchor to the positive.




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