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The Cougar Wall of Pride

14 May

Back in the day in high school, I took conditioning gym. The reason I signed up for it was because it did not involve a team sport, wearing a gross rented swim suit, or having a ball thrown at me on a regular basis. I just wanted to show up, walk, and go back to class.

Once a year we had to do the president’s fitness challenge which included running a mile. It was my senior year and Mr Mc Coy was my teacher. The class headed outside to run on the track. I was “lucky” in being part of the second run, which meant I got to sit there for an extra 15 minutes or so thinking about how slow I was, how much I didn’t want to run, and how much the boys in the class would make fun of me. I hated gym class with a passion.

Mr Mc Coy started the clock and off I went, waaaaaay behind everyone else in the group. I want to say I finished somewhere in the 14-15 minute range but I have no idea. I remember being totally out of breath and completely mortified for finishing so far behind everyone, but I did it. As the boys in the class made fun of me, Mr McCoy yelled at them and told me I did a good job. He even nominated me for the Cougar Wall of Pride. That meant I got a note from him, a little pin of the face of a cougar (the school mascot), and my name on the wall in the main hall way. Nobody knew why I was up there, but let me tell you, I was proud every time I walked by and saw my name. I actually ran a mile.

Flash forward…. Tonight I was on the treadmill and hit the first mile in 9:36 and the second mile in 9:16….a personal best pace for me. During the second mile, I just kept thinking to myself “how about this for the cougar wall of pride Mr Mc Coy?”As I watched the distance thingy on the treadmill, I imagined myself rounding the corners of my high school track. Engage your core, power through your legs, breathe. And when I was done I felt the same pride I did when I got my note from Mr Mc Coy. These are the things I never thought were possible, but here I am.

Even when you don’t believe in yourself, other people do. Believe them….you can do more than you can imagine.