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When all else fails, break a sweat

29 Aug

If there is anything I have learned over the past year, it is the basics always hold true. Today’s reminder: When all else fails, break a sweat.

It’s been quite a week. I will spare you the ugly details, but I will say that I am struggling to keep my head above water. No, that’s too dramatic. I am treading water for what feels like days. There is no sun, no breeze, nobody else is in the pool. I am kicking my legs and moving my arms and I’m getting tired. While I’m grateful to be able to tread water and not drown, I’m still frustrated that I’m not moving forward. So what do I do?

The old auto pilot has reared its ugly head. hmmm…I’m feeling tired and stressed so let’s eat sugar…..great idea. I have gathered significant evidence to prove that I feel physically and mentally worse when this old habit kicks in, yet I seem to start here. So now that I realize it has, I need to change what I’m doing…that whole “do something different to get something different” thing. So I tried listening to music, deep breathing, reading, and talking about it. None of that worked. I still felt like crap.

Then tonight I went to a Zumba class. I walked in frustrated and grumpy. I was frustrated about the events of the day. I was frustrated that I am still not back to 100% from my injury and that I have to ease back in to working out. I am frustrated that…(fill in the blank with a bunch of other reasons. And then I just forgot it all and started to dance. Well, at least my version of dancing since my hips just don’t move like Zumba requires.

I could have stayed home tonight to pout. I choose to get out and move. What amazed me a year ago, and what I was reminded of tonight, our bodies are made to move. When you do what it needs, it gives you what you need. Today it was a shift in perspective. To get something different, I need to do something different. Before the old auto pilot even has a chance to kick in, I am going to start with breaking a sweat.



3 Aug

“You know that whole I can do anything for 10 weeks thing? How did you do it really?” I have to say I honestly love questions like this. They give me an opportunity reminisce about everything that has happened and all of my progress over the last year. More importantly, it gives me the chance to encourage someone who is on a similar journey.  There are many things that contribute to my success, and one of the most important is a change in belief.

First, you need to believe you can handle today. This is an important point. I’m not asking you to believe you can lose 25 or 50 or 100 pounds, or that you can run forever or that you will never eat a cookie again. Many people starting their weight loss journey are super overwhelmed because they focus on the end point and it looks super unobtainable. Scratch that. You need to believe that for the next 24 hours you can and will make good choices that keep you on the path to success. What those choices look like on day 1 will be very different from day 25 and day 365. The key is to figure out what today needs to look like and make it happen. All these days will add up to weeks and months of success. You do not have to believe 100 pounds is possible.  You need to believe today is possible.

The other thing you need to believe is that you are worth it. You are worth the time, energy, money, sweat, and tears. You are worth the cost of a gym membership or a new pair of running shoes. You are worth the nourishment of freshly prepared food. You are worth a good night’s sleep. You are worth a 45 minute walk. The best things in life are not handed to us, they are earned. You are worth everything that goes in to every pound lost. I promise you, with 100% certainty, you are worth it. If you are not convinced, work up to it. For 15 minutes a day believe and act like you are worth it. Do something to take care of yourself. The next week, add another 15 minutes. Pretty soon you will find you are convinced.

To get something different, you need to do something different. Believe in yourself. Believe you can handle today. Believe you are worth it.